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    本公司營運宗旨為提供 安全、品質、效率、可靠之地勤代理公司,以桃園國際機場為根據地延伸至台中、高雄等國際機場,增加台灣各地面之航空市場開放代理可選性。依『IATA運行準則與台灣民航法規』積極配合運作,在運務代理作業運作,並與國際地勤代理公司銜接合資,將境外持續推展國際化地勤代理業務。


    Taiwan Sky Ground Services Co., Ltd. (referred to as "TSGS") was established on August 1, 2017. Taiwan Sky specialize in the field of ground services and is endorsed by CAAC in Taiwan, TSGS aims to provide professional ground services to meet the increasing demand of aviation ground services needs to many of the new Low cost-airlines (LCCs), which have been actively increasing their services to Taiwan. Given the recent spike in tourist arrivals from Southeast Asian countries, benefiting from the visa-free policy (part of the new “look-south policy”), this policy has greatly encouraged more visitors from South East Asia nations. The results have been significant and encouraging.

    Arising from these increases in tourist arrivals and more flights coming to Taiwan, TSGS is established with the vision to provide professional ground services to these airlines at reasonable cost. We benchmark ourselves against the very best of ground handlers in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, just to name a few.

    TSGS operations, with our HQ in Taoyuan (TPE) airport, now extends to Taichung(RMQ) and Kaohsiung(KHH) International airports, offering greater selection and options to airlines operating to these airports. 

    We will join venture with the largest aviation ground handling service providers partner with TSGS, providing the necessary background and guidance. 

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